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    The Ecomobile, developed by BUONDI, followed all the brand's events held on beaches. The purpose of this mobile ecopoint, which circulates on the beach is to encourage bathers to recycle their litter quickly and easily, making sure that these residues aren't left on the beach, and later ending up in the sea. The issue of pollution in the oceans is alarming and through this initiative BUONDI aims to raise awareness of this problem and show the importance of recycling. Sustainability has been a growing concern for the brand, which in the past has promoted environmentally friendly initiatives such as “Protect the Coast” and “Human Tide”.

    Thu, 02/06/2020 - 00:00

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    Other Initiatives

    Parasols that make the air cleaner

    BUONDI parasols are the product of a partnership with Ezpeleta and Pureti. Made of sprayed fabric using Pureti technology, these terrace sunshades make the air cleaner through the action of the sunlight and water vapour.

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    New Ready-to-Recycle Packaging

    BUONDI has just launched new packaging designed to be recycled. BUONDI Prestige, in 1kg packs – intended for professional clients – is the first to be provided in packaging material made of 100% recyclable plastic for disposal in the yellow recycling bins.

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    Buondi Surf Sessions 2020

    BUONDI Surf Sessions have returned to the Portuguese beaches. The 6th edition is here, this time with the grand debut of the first sustainable eco boards adapted to special needs.

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    SuperBock em Stock

    BUONDI was the official coffee of Super Bock em Stock, the Lisbon music festival, that returned on 22 and 23 November.

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    Safe Wave

    BUONDI, ISN and the Portuguese Surfing Federation come together for a safer summer.

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    The Official Coffee of the National Surfing Team

    BUONDI has a strong identification with the lifestyle associated with surfing. A relaxed way of life, with respect for people and the planet.

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